How to Hang a VERY Heavy Mirror

This behemoth mirror brought to you by Mirror Outlet. Use 2 Sexy Metal Hooks!

This behemoth mirror brought to you by Mirror Outlet. Use 2 Sexy Metal Hooks!

Let's face it—there's a reason most of the enormous mirrors we bring into our homes don't make it up on the wall. Sure, we find all kinds of alternatives and excuses: "I bought this so we could make sure our shoes look good," and, "I really like it up on the mantel, and that way we can just lean it up there without having to nail anything into the wall, babe, right?"

Aye. Well, let's begin with the most dangerous option first. By placing a huge, heavy mirror up on your mantel using only its weight to keep it in place, you are putting every child, adult, and pet in your home at serious risk. A mirror like this could kill poor Snowball, and let's face it, you're totally not going to Instagram that scene (#WoopsWeKilledTheCatBecauseWeDidntWantToUseHardware).

The "let's use it to look at our feet" excuse is adorable—it shows just how much fear we have around hanging very heavy things on the wall. But in most cases, there are absolutely safe ways to hang a very heavy mirror on the wall. And when you use your YOUHANGIT wall hanging system to get the job done, not only can you ensure that your colossal mirror is hung perfectly straight by using our YOULEVEL (the word's best and easiest to use hands-free level), you can also use our line of ultra hardcore Sexy Metal Hooks that can handle as much as 100 pounds each.

If you have a mirror that exceeds 100 pounds, you will need to purchase additional Sexy Metal Hooks, as our Designer kit, Decor and More kit, and other YOUHANGIT kits only come with one 100-pound hook. You can easily find and buy YOUHANGIT hooks by clicking right here.

Of course, the primary concern when it comes to hanging mirrors on the wall is that most mirrors are outfitted with wire hangers, which is cause for concern for many people. But when you utilize two hooks instead of one, you'll find that those fears will dissipate in time. You'll never have to worry about one hook not being able to handle the weight, and you'll never have to concern yourself with the mirror being knocked off kilter by kids, pets, guests, or you after three glasses of champagne.

When you use two Sexy Metal Hooks—especially if you use two of them—you can absolutely relax. Naturally, as with all new things, there will be a period of time where you act like a total weirdo, constantly checking in on the mirror, looking at yourself in the mirror, trying to talk yourself into the mirror, having nightmares about the mirror talking back to you. A seven to ten day period of insomnia is not unusual for those who are not used to having very heavy mirrors or other extremely large, unwieldy items hung in their homes. That said, you can expect a return to your normal psychological state once you have come to accept that YOUHANGIT and our Sexy Metal Hooks are in fact, not going to allow your extremely heavy mirror to fall off the wall.

So, go ahead and order your YOUHANGIT Designer Kit or Decor and More Kit from Amazon today—perhaps once your confidence is bolstered by hanging a heavy mirror on the wall in your home, you may find yourself checking out some enormous framed art on Amazon to go with your huge mirror. And that's wassup!