Americana Tattoo Meets Eastern Watercolor: A New Theme For a Much Needed New Mood

Artwork by Trevor Shaw

Artwork by Trevor Shaw

Trevor Shaw has been tattooing skin for years — but before he worked in anyone’s parlor — and after, his first love has always been art, art, art, the real McCoy, and nothing less.

Expression of the soul is Shaw’s first domain — he treats each new canvas or patch of flesh the same: all are equal to the task, and all are deserving of the finest work, nevermind the pragmatic poise and conjecture with which Shaw brushes each stroke, on canvas, living or otherwise.

Everything Shaw ever presents to the public eye is practically flawless, regardless of genre. He may not be known by millions, but to those who know him, his work is exemplary and the true showing of how an artist is an artist, whether s/he began on skin, orange peels, canvas, or paper.

To this end, Shaw finally decided to open an Etsy store, much to the bewilderment of his many fans throughout the years. The work is refined, spiritual, easing the soul into a relaxed nostalgia of perhaps another incarnation. 

Shaw has always been an artist at heart: even at the tender age of 23, we saw him creating images on cocktail napkins, leftovers of scrapped canvas, and computer paper.

His intellect plays a part in the work as well, and cannot be left out of a discussion of his work — Trevor Shaw’s artwork — more precisely his watercolor, is nothing short of beautiful enough to be printed and reprinted a thousand times over.

Alas, the young artist does not work this way, so all interested parties will have to settle for original prints (sigh).

For lovers of watercolor and/or geometric, abstract, or Eastern watercolor, buyers beware: what you’ll get is the genuine article and nothing less. Shaw’s work is painstaking perfection — his hand trembles yards to create an inch, and this is so for a reason.

To hang a Trevor Shaw piece in your home, all you need is the handy YOUHANGIT. You can easily meet your needs with the Decor and More Kit, though if you want more hanging for your buck, we always recommend the YOUHANGIT Designer Kit. Shaw’s pieces require very little in terms of hanging capacity, so you should be just fine using a couple of screws (after utilizing the YOUHANGIT method for deciding where the screws should go).

Now you’re off to the watercolor races. No one can outdo you — unless they, too, have a Trevor Shaw original watercolor.

It’s certainly fair to say we’ve all been looking for a new kind of art for our digs, something we didn’t purchase on Amazon like “The Kiss” by Klimt, or any other overused piece of artwork. If you’re ready for something new and beautiful, check out this artist’s unquestionably beautiful work.