Cool DIY Projects for Newlyweds

DIY for Newlyweds_YOUHANGIT.jpeg

As many of you prepare to take the plunge this June, it’s impossible to understand how cool — and how serious — marriage is and can feel until you’re there. To make your love withstand the test of time, you’ll need to do some things together and every chance you get, remind one another of how valuable you each are. Sometimes the discourse within a marriage easily falls into patterns that can negatively impact the sacred union, so it’s important to keep a watchful eye on what’s coming out of your mouth and ensure that what you’re saying with your actions is a conveyance of your love and your true feelings.

June weddings, June anniversaries

Since so many people choose to get married in June, many will have June wedding anniversaries. Use these as opportunities to rekindle your connection. What better way to do that than work on a cool interior design DIY project together!? We love the lips we chose for this blog, but it’s important to understand you can pick any shape or shapes you want. By using repurposed wood from pallets and other places, you can easily achieve the shape and color you want. Simply pick out your wood source, and piece it together like puzzle pieces on the floor of your patio or garage (make sure there are no puppies around, they will eat your art and could swallow splintery varnished wood or just make you mad).

Don’t forget to have fun: it’s all about the journey, not the destination

Take the time you need to find the wood pieces for your shape: you’ll find these little trips to the backs of storefronts, dumpster diving, and sorting out stuff in the yard or workshop is actually awesome bonding time. Who has nothing to laugh at or talk about when their bride is literally head over heels in a trash bin or running from mall security in her flip flops with an armload of discarded wood from behind the neighborhood craft store or frame shop? Nobody, that’s who, no one!

If the shape you want to achieve is more complex, take your time, find and use recycled wood, and use a radial saw to cut the pieces into the right shapes after you’ve created lines with pencil. 

Choose your color or other finish 

Your homemade artwork won’t feel complete until it’s the color you want it to be. Whether your choice is blackest black for your Sex Pistols themed art, tea green for your Japanese themed dining room, or you just want the look of bare wood, make your selection, then sand before applying for best results. Make sure NOT to hang or set any pieces until they are completely dry.

Getting it up — you know what we mean

From here, you can mount all the wood pieces onto one piece of plywood if there are many smaller pieces, or if you just have four to five or less larger pieces, you can create the space on your wall for each by tracing their outlines to ensure they are hung in the right place — this way you don’t have to guess if each piece will be where it’s supposed to be when you’re done. If you’re not sure which kind of hardware to use, you kinda can’t go wrong with screws with anchors utilizing keyhole hardware on the back of your wood project. You can buy keyhole hardware at the same time you buy your sandpaper and varnish at the hardware store. Use as many YOUHANGITs necessary to peel, stick, level, squish your individual pieces into the wall, and remember the “level” step of this process is done with the YOULEVEL to make sure your piece(s) are level. BOOM. MUAH!