If You Don’t Like Bob Marley, We Can’t Hang Out: Hang Beautiful Artwork To Dispel Myths About Your Maturity or Just Break Up Now

Bob Marley 4-Panel Painting: OneStop ArtShop on eBay

Bob Marley 4-Panel Painting: OneStop ArtShop on eBay

Well, we’ve finally come to that point in our relationship where we need to talk about Bob. What about Bob? Yes, wait, no. Well, Marley, then the movie starring Bill Murray — that’s another conversation. ONE hurdle at a time or we’ll be in counseling by this time next week.

Do you like Bob Marley?

Maybe one of the most important overlooked questions in relationships. You’ve discussed whether or not you want kids, how many dogs are too many, Coke versus Pepsi (thank goodness you were on the same page there, sheesh), and you know he’s allergic to Brazilian tree nuts. But you haven’t had the Bob talk? Tsk, tsk. Oh, young lovers, how naïveté can kill you. If you ask her and she says, “I’ve never really listened to him, that’s like reggae, right?” we’ll allow a day of disturbed headshaking and pointed angst… which, of course, you will release as soon as you hear some Bob. Not knowing is one thing — NOT LIKING? — LEAVE THIS HOUSE IMMEDIATELY.

So as we pondered this subject, we realized: there is a huge disparity of Bob Marley paintings or other more mature artwork. Everything you come across looks like something that belongs in a dorm room or teenager’s bedroom, or maybe at a terrible off-the-main-drag reggae bar. Most are glossy posters that are just the same pics you see on all the Bob Marley T-shirts. Until you start digging. And you land in the UK… well, eBay in the UK, anyway. See, we’re rhyming already!

Welcome to the underworld. Sign in baby. If you haven’t signed in to eBay since the early 2000s, chances are your old account is attached to that outdated AOL or Hotmail account (yikes) you had and you may just want to start from scratch anyway. Next, head to OneStop ArtShop on eBay. Now check out all that artwork that clearly only someone over 24 would have! YAY!

Of course, by now you have established your lover loves Bob Marley, or at this point in the blog, we need to ask you to stop reading to go break up with the person who doesn’t like Bob Marley. It should only take a minute or two, and we invite you to feel free to text your break up — this will help convey your deep distaste for the horrors you’ve had to face knowing there’s someone out there who doesn’t like Bob Marley. Once you’re done, you may return to read the rest of this article… (click here for reggae hold music). 

We love the various sizes and different shapes of Bob Marley artwork at OneStop ArtShop. You can really class it up with these multiple canvas paintings, available in four panels or three (like an original triptych) and when you use the YOULEVEL from YOUHANGIT, you'll be guaranteed Bob's head and amazing, perfect dreadlocks are perfectly even and match up as they should.

We also love the price of these paintings. For under $75 total, including the hardware you’ll need, you can have a nicely sized split-canvas Bob Marley painting. Irie, baby. One Love!