Welcome to YOUHANGIT: What Is This Thing? Best Way to Position, Level, and Hang Pictures, Shelves, Mirrors, and SO Much More

We're so thrilled at Team YOUHANGIT with the amazing support we've gotten in the past year. It's been an incredible journey getting to know total strangers who have become some of our biggest cheerleaders and sources of inspiration. But, with all that said, there are still a gaggle of people who look at a YOUHANGIT and don't know what it is and can't quite surmise what it does.

If you are not yet in the loop, here's what a YOUHANGIT is: the easiest and fastest way to position and mark the wall where you want to hang art, photos, mirrors, shelves, speakers, and literally anything else that can be hung on a wall.

How does the YOUHANGIT wall hanging system work?

It's so basic you'll giggle with glee when you open up your Designer Kit, but let us explain a little bit just to whet your appetite for hanging some things up.


Step one: grab the thing you want to hang on the wall

Step two: locate the place on the back of that thing you want to hang on the wall where the hardware is (it will be keyhole, sawtooth, wire hanger, D-ring, or double keyhole).

Step three: peel away the blue sticker on the YOUHANGIT to reveal the adhesive — now stick that baby right over the hardware on the back of your art/photo/mirror/shelf/anything in the world. Now remove the red safety plug — this is what "activates" the YOUHANGIT, and what makes it possible for the sharp pointy thing to be exposed when you squish — so be careful!

Step four: grab the YOULEVEL and place it on top of that thing you're hanging, walk over to the spot on the wall you have picked out to hang that thing, approach the wall and wait until the bubble in the blue liquid of the hands-free level is in the middle — now SQUISH that thing into the wall! When you pull away, you will see a mark that was made when you squished. This is the mark where you will install your screw anchor and screw, or in the case of the double keyhole, this will be where you install your (plural) screw anchors and screws.

Step five: install your screw, nail, hook, or whatever you plan to hang that thing on right where you made the mark(s) with the YOUHANGIT.

Now hang that thing up on the wall! You're done, sucka!

The whole process takes less time than it takes to walk to your mailbox. If your mailbox is at the end of your street or you only have a PO Box, it will take you substantially longer to get your mail than it will to successfully use a YOUHANGIT.

Position, level, and mark in 1 shot. BOOM. Still don't get it? That's okay, we understand. Check out the video below to see for yourself how ridiculously simple this is. For more videos you can visit the YOUHANGIT YouTube channel and watch the video tutorials on how to hang a shelf, a mirror, artwork, and more.

Keyholes are infamous for their level of difficulty and not-so-user-friendliness. When you add in the extra horror of the double keyhole hardware backing, now you're faced with a hanging system that almost no one wants to deal with and even fewer know how to navigate, and certainly not without the help of a second person.