Wall Mountable Fans for Your Patio or Indoor Living Space: Summer Just Got a Little Less Delirious

Craftmade Bellows wall mounted fan

Craftmade Bellows wall mounted fan

So, you're telling me that this WHOLE time, my WHOLE life, I could have wall mounted a fan instead of having to deal with pedestal fans that get knocked over by children, pets, dust storms, or adults after a few margaritas? 

Yes, that's exactly what we're telling you. Wall mountable fans are maybe one of the coolest (please excuse the play on words) ideas of all time, especially for summer, and especially for those times when you'd like to gather outside, but you don't want to die.

Wall mountable fans come in a huge variety of styles from those that are made to match specific home decor to those that are just total powerhouses, and even misting fans to create an even cooler outdoor atmosphere. 

Some fans you can hang on the wall are extremely affordable while others are on the pricier side — it all depends on brand, capability, whether or not the fan oscillates, and plain old fashioned branding. Fear not: there is a wall hanging fan that will suit almost any fancy from a rustic look to an ultra modern look and everything in between. 

Most fans for wall hanging are available in matte black, white, or chrome or another silver-colored metal depending on the price point. For the throwback enthusiasts, there are some metal wall fans available in a sepia brown tone to lend a look of nostalgia.

Wall hanging fans are phenomenal if you are working with limited floor space inside your home or apartment. When you hang an oscillating fan on the wall, you have just cleared up the room a pedestal fan was taking up — and you are also reducing the chance for an accident to happen like someone tripping over the power cord. 

Affordable Wall Mountable Fans

Hurricane Super 8 Digital Wall Mount Fan

Hurricane Super 8 Digital Wall Mount Fan

If you're looking for a fan to hang on your apartment wall or in your kitchen, or even a small outdoor patio area but you don't want to break the bank, we suggest checking out the Hurricane Super 8 Digital Wall Mount Fan. This is an excellent option not just because it costs less than $70 (compare that to other wall hanging fans that can cost hundreds of dollars) but because it offers tons of options.

The Hurricane Super 8 comes with a digital remote so you don't have to walk over to the wall every time you want to adjust the speed or turn the fan on or off. The Super 8 is also programmable and offers several speeds, plus it has a wide oscillation range, which will ensure the largest area possible will get cooled down whether you mount this fan indoors or out.

Misting Fans: Forget That Wasteful Misting System that Drips Water and Leaks Everywhere

There's nothing worse than sitting near or under a misting system only to have it drip water right into your drink or onto your hotdog bun. Misting systems that are installed across the ledge of the roof can create a number of problems.

For one, all that dripping and leaking is wasteful, not to mention it drives up your water bill. Next, if the water moving through the misting system is hard water, the mister heads will eventually become clogged with mineral deposits, leaving you with more dripping and little if any mist at all once the situation is severe enough.

Hydromist outdoor misting fan

Hydromist outdoor misting fan

All this adds up to you having to remove each one of the many mister heads to clean them, then you'll have to put them back on again — not exactly the most fun chore for a hot summer day.

So instead of dealing with this, you can get a high powered wall mountable misting fan. While there are tons of different brands, sizes, and styles to choose from, we really like the wall hanging misting fan from Hydromist. This 24-inch monster is sure to keep you cool as a cucumber whether your poolside or enjoying a barbecue with friends and family. The Hydromist offers three speed variations and it also oscillates like a mother. 

Hanging Your Wall Mountable Fan

Because there are so many varieties of wall hanging fans, there are a variety of needs based on weight especially. Nearly all wall mounted fans will come with the hardware needed to hang them, including screws and usually screw anchors. If yours does not come with screw anchors, we highly recommend them — using screw anchors will keep your fan from wearing out the drywall, sheetrock, stucco, or other material they are installed into. 

The bases for these fans are usually separate and require assembly, which is actually great because then you don't have to balance the awkward shape and weight of the fan while you try to mount it on the wall. 

To create the perfect marks for hanging your fan, adhere YOUHANGITs right over the holes for your hardware. Next, you'll grab the YOULEVEL and place it atop the base. When the bubble inside the blue liquid is in the center, you're ready to squish the base into the wall. Make sure you remove the red piece of plastic on each of the YOUHANGIT devices so the sharp pointy thing can squish properly into the wall.

Now you are ready to install the base and assemble the rest of your fan. Drink plenty of water out there and stay under that fan. Welcome to your coolest summer ever!