August Babies! Let’s Childproof the Living Daylights Out of this Place

Shelf by Ubabub, decor ideas from Project Nursery!

Shelf by Ubabub, decor ideas from Project Nursery!

Statistically, more babies are born in August than any other month of the year. Whether this is some whacky little-understood need of biological clocks going bananas right before Thanksgiving or Halloween just really does it for people, whatever the reasons are, August is the literal baby boom every year on this history books, almost without exception.

For first-time parents, setting up a nursery or getting ready to co-sleep in the master bedroom are personal choices that can be debated into the Stone Age and beyond, and much like the trifecta of things to not discuss in mixed company (religion, politics, and money) how to parent a newborn is not something you’re likely to change someone’s mind about. But who cares!? The bottom line is, hanging things high, covering up outlets, and learning about child safety BEFORE your sweaty late-summer bundle of joy arrives should be on your to-do list.

How to hang a mobile without attaching it to the crib: do I really need a mobile?

No, you don’t. And if you’re the type who’s going to lose (even more) sleep over having something dangling over your baby’s sleep area, just don’t. That said, there are safe alternatives to the crib-attaching mobile so popular today. With models that attach with loose-fitting, plastic screw mechanisms to the side of a crib, you MUST remove these once the baby is six months old for safety. However, as most of us know, six-month-olds don’t reach this age milestone and stop wanting visual stimulus — if anything, they want it more because, to be frank, they’re finally no longer a blob just peering around for their next meal.

Instead, choose a wall-mountable mobile. In this way, you can affix your mobile firmly to the wall with proper screws and anchors rather than something that looks like it was made by adorable (but careless) elves. Use one YOUHANGIT to adhere to the back of the (usually small and simple) back of the wall crib mobile, and before you engage in the patented YOUHANGIT “Squish!” make sure the hardware is facing top-to-bottom so when you make your perfect mark for screws, the mark will be in alignment with the proper vertical placement of the mobile decorations.

Wall-mounted crib mobile: out of reach

Wall-mounted crib mobile: out of reach

Organizing, safety, and all that baby stuff: Project Nursery has their poop in a group!

You’re already sweating if you’re carrying the baby, and if you’re the not-baby-carrying parent, you’re sweating out your honey-do list — not to mention the stress, anxiety, and awesome anticipation. Through this final nesting period, you’ll wake up with at minimum one million terrible ideas that will cost your trigger-happy Amazon finger somewhere between $150 and infinity. Project Nursery shows you how to set up a nursery in a feng shui manner of sorts that saves space and looks nice, too.

Hanging shelves and other wall-mountable goodies to save space and your mind

Yes to shelves. Never in your life did you imagine you would toast a bottle of champagne to shelves. That time is today. Hanging shelves in a nursery is like, the smartest thing you’ll ever do — and we’re including the parents who figure out the science that rids the world of the common cold. But a couple of rules. Don’t hang shelves over or within two feet of the crib: because a newborn can’t grab stuff, but a 12-month old can. And if you can avoid it, don’t hang shelves over your changing area, tempting as it may be — it’s always smarter to use storage down below in changing table shelves or drawers for the sake of long-term safety. Because one day that kid will get up and dance naked on that table, god love ‘em.

But do hang shelves on walls opposing the crib, and use these for everything from nursery decor to practical purposes like diaper and wipe storage, a home for tiny shoes, a place to set swaddling cloths, and even a breast pump and all the accouterments that come with that unbelievable machine. To hang nursery shelves, ALWAYS use screws with wall anchors and NEVER exceed the recommended weight capacity. Hanging shelves with YOUHANGIT is so easy you’ll cry — and for the first time it won’t be due to stress or hormones. Or maybe it will be a combination of it all. Just let it go, it’s totally normal to cry while you level ashelf on the wall, seriously. Simply adhere a YOUHANGIT over each keyhole on the back of the shelf, toss the hands-free YOULEVEL on top, approach the wall where you want the shelf, wait for the bubble in the blue liquid of the level to be in the center, squish, and pull away. Now your perfect marks are ready for you, your tears, the drill, and your screws.

Other wall related business in the nursery

Project Nursery also suggests the use of wall-mounted hooks for tiny hoodies and baby bags, which are easily mounted with the YOUHANGIT wall hanging system. And of course, what kind of parent to a newborn would you be without some super progressive artwork on the wall, man? Whether you choose Banksy street art, Jimi Hendrix posters, or traditional framed nursery art, brightening up the room is great for baby’s ever-changing senses. And it’s SO easy when you use YOUHANGIT.

No matter what kind of hardware is on the back of your wall art, you’ll find the answers about how to hang it with YOUHANGIT right in our handy “How to Hang” page. How to hang sawtooth frames, D-ring hardware, the never to be dreaded again double keyhole hardware, and of course, wire hanging artwork is made easy with our tutorials.

Good luck, new parents and parents to be. While millions of babies are born every August, we know your cub will be a standout!

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