How to Hang Stuff on a Wooden Fence: Make the Most of Your Space

Use our Sexy Metal Hooks to get this job done!

Use our Sexy Metal Hooks to get this job done!

Pretty soon, it won’t be a billion degrees outside, and you’re going to want to spend some time in your yard or garden. If you’re among the tens of thousands of us living in spaces with backyards or patios enclosed with wood fences, you may think you can’t hang anything there. You are wrong, friend, and happily so.

A blank wood fence is not unlike a blank wall inside your home — it deserves a little sprucing up! How you decide to decorate your fence will depend on your personal taste, what you value, and whether or not you have kids or grandkids. But there are definitely ways to make it happen, and make it beautiful.

There are tons of ideas on Pinterest, but we picked a few we found all around the Web to show you that the ideas are out there, and they include everything from super DIY to really getting into your Bohemian head space and letting the creativity just pour out right on to your fence.

Of course, it’s worth noting that if your fence is rotting or otherwise dilapidated, you don’t want to be drilling monster holes to hang a 100-pound Buddha off of. But, as long as your fence is in decent repair and as long as you pick decorations, frames, and other items that are not super heavy, this is a great weekend project and a fun way to really make your outdoor space your own.

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It must be love

We love this totally homegrown fence art found on Pinterest, unfortunately by a user whose Blogspot is no longer active. That said, this simple fence art is easily done your own way, and can be done a million and one ways with finds from the thrift store or with frames and old under-sized frame backings to go in the center. Hang the frames on your fence using whatever hardware they have on the back coupled with the YOUHANGIT patented, “Peel, stick, level, squish!” mantra, and you’re in business. For what goes inside the frame, pick your favorite word, colors, and artsy-craftsy doodads if you like to adhere. Once you’re done making your individual lettering, you may want to use an art spray or Mod Podge sealer so everything stays in place and is protected against the elements. With these pieces done, you can apply D-rings to the backings, and hang by simply tapping a YOUHANGIT Sexy Metal Hook right into the fence wood with a hammer (gently, it won’t take much force).

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The wellies on the fence: a colorful nod to growing plants without a potter

We love the kids old wellies hanging on the fence. It’s bright, it adds energy, and these old castoff boots the kids or grandkids have grown out of make great homes to plants. To find out which kinds of plants will grow well in these old rain boots, ask a salesperson at your local hardware store’s plant nursery. They can tell you what will work for your climate, as well as what will live in this type of container. Once you’ve committed to this idea, grab your plants, your potting soil, and your lil’ galoshes. You will want to create little holes in the bottoms of the boots so that after watering, the plants’ roots can irrigate as they would in a potter or in the ground. Once you have all your plants in their respective boots, you can use YOUHANGIT’s Sexy Metal Hooks for 10 or 20lbs to hang the boots using the rubber u-shaped strap that was once used for pulling the boots on. If those are in poor repair or your wellies don’t have these, you can hang the boots on the fence by installing a D-ring in the back of the boot before filling it with soil. These types of D-rings can be found at any hardware store, and instructions on how to hang D-ring hardware right on the YOUHANGIT Website.

Of course, there are tons of other fence art ideas we wanted to include, another favorite being some adorable fence-hanging birdhouses. But the bottom line is, you can decorate your fence using all kinds of repurposed goodies from your stash of unused items in the garage to stuff in the bargain bin at the local Goodwill, or even pallet wood to make plant shelves. The list goes on and on — you should take every opportunity to make your house your home, and with kids headed back to school, this makes a great send-off project before the big day or as a break before the blustering madness of the holiday season begins.

So don’t just get out and enjoy the elements, make the elements that surround you! Have fun everybody!