How to Hang a Baby Changing Station in Your Nursery: Save Space and Your Mind

ByBO baby changing station: simplify your life

ByBO baby changing station: simplify your life

When you have a brand new baby, life is very touch and go, and reality is a distant memory much faded by your lack of sleep — not to mention your fear of looking into a mirror. One of the biggest complications actually comes before the baby does in most cases, and much of that has to do with which items you should buy, which things actually make sense for your budget, space, and needs for a new baby. 

Many parents who have already had one, two, or 12 kids will pass on buying changing tables (“Forget it, just use the bed, I’m too tired to care.”). However, many new parents buy changing stations for convenience and to not look like cave people when guests come over (“Look out, runnin’ to the couch to change the baby.” <-- gross)

But oftentimes, the reason for not purchasing a changing table has to do with saving space. These things can be incredibly bulky. And even though they usually offer a good deal of storage, the bulk can be enough of a turnoff that new parents are forced to put the changing table in an awkward place, as it won’t fit in a small bedroom, and there may not be space left in the master suite. If your place is small and/or already crowded with other kids, pets, and all the accouterments for a new baby, you may feel like you’re living in an episode of “Hoarders.” If this is the case, consider a wall-hanging baby changing table that easily folds up into the wall and out of the way — perfect for tight living spaces, apartments, or small nurseries. 

If you’ve ever had the distinct displeasure of having to change a baby in a public restroom, you’ve probably used the sad, plastic fold-down, wall-hanging changing table, so you’re familiar with the concept. That said, as you can see from the image here, not all wall-mountable baby changing stations have to be ugly — in fact a new trend in hanging baby changing stations at home has competitors vying for the top spot in the changing station game. After doing our research, we found that the best in class is the byBO wall changing table, which also comes with a wall-mountable storage compartment for diapers, wipes, and hand sanitizer. At just under $1000, it may not be the most economical choice for everyone, but (see below) there are others that are equally suited to the task — we just think this is the most beautiful and sleek.

You can use the YOUHANGIT wall hanging system, including the YOULEVEL to make the perfect marks on the wall, where the OEM hardware for your wall-hung changing table will go. This will ease the task of getting the table on the wall by a million fold, and it won’t take you all day to complete what otherwise would have been a pretty tedious chore.

PRO TIPS AND WARNINGS: It’s important to note that wall-mountable changing tables require professional installation methods, using approved wall anchoring hardware (sold by the original manufacturer or recommended in the user manual by the manufacturer) that is rated for the wall substrate and weight requirements. Before hanging your gorgeous new byBO changing table, be aware that we (YOUHANGIT) cannot guarantee the hardware of the third-party manufacturer of the hardware used to hang the byBO or any other wall-mountable changing station. And finally, any liability is limited to refund of the purchase price of YOUHANGIT's products, which are subject to return of the product, packaging, and proof of purchase to the manufacturer. 

Is the byBO out of your price range? Check out these more economically priced, high quality wall-hanging baby changing tables: 

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