Repaint and Organize Your Kid’s Room: Herding Plush Toys You Could Swear Have Legs

"It's me, Gary the dog."

"It's me, Gary the dog."

Pssst… it’s me… the adorable gray dog chillin’ in the hammock to your left… my name is Gary. Look, we need to talk. It’s cozy up here with my buds, and let me tell ya, I am kinda over being dragged around the house by your poodle when you and your kids leave me on the floor. It’s not okay. So today, I am going to teach you how to get your kid’s adorable gray plush pup up into a wall hanging stuffed animal hammock using YOUHANGIT’s amazing Sexy Metal Hooks. Look at my face, you can tell I’m thinking about them right now.

But first, I wanna chat with you about the state of this room. Your “baby” is six now — none of us plush toys (and certainly not the Minecraft toys) appreciate the baby nursery wallpaper or that once-adorable color scheme you went with while you guys were still pregnant. It’s time to repaint, reorganize, and get your plush pups in a group. When you see how easy I make it, you’ll wonder why I’m not running for president… we have our own plush circuit and I am currently waiting on a VP bid from the Velveteen Rabbit. Keep that under your hat, please.

Pick colors that reflect your child’s current age that will work for at least a few years

We know your princess loves her pink and purple and your lil’ champ loves his vibrant team colors. Skip it sister! Look, the key to killer digs for kids is to surprise them. Pick up hints for the colors you use with cues about other things they like besides sports, video games, or (gahhh) princess movies. Or, if you must go with these kinds of themes, pick better colors with better longevity in the same color pallet. For example, if your kid is a SpongeBob SquarePants nut and a lover of Doc McStuffins, instead of using day-glow yellow and deep purple, pick jasmine for your yellow and lavender for your purple. Done deal! You can always add decals of favorite characters that will easily peel off when they turn eight and decide SpongeBob is a dork and McStuffins isn’t an actual doctor — and what’s left behind are colors that will still work for years to come.

Grab this stuffed animal hammock for under $8 on Amazon!

Grab this stuffed animal hammock for under $8 on Amazon!

Organize the toys, we’re asking nicely, signed, The Toys

As much as you hate having us all over the house, it’s no picnic for us either, people. We miss one another when Horsey gets stuck under the bed and Dino-Might gets left in the living room. Plus, we’re not huge fans of being rolled across a Lego-covered floor. So get it together!

For plush toys and stuffed animals, use wall hanging stuffed animal hammocks once you have the kiddo’s room repainted. These things are so easy to hang, and believe me, we are safe and comfy up here, not to mention the late night conversation — you would not believe what Elephantina said the other night — what a cutup! Use Sexy Metal Hooks: you’re going to need three of them — one for each sidewall and one for the corner. Because you’re using three, you can almost assuredly get away with using the 10 Pounder Sexy Metal Hooks, as these will hold 30 pounds of plushies. If you have more than that, consider going through the kid’s toys to give away (don’t tell her I said so, but Lil’ Country Girl hanging next to me here could definitely go — your kids haven’t played with her in a year). It’s time to let go. If, however, you just can’t bear to part with any of the stuffed animals for sentimental value, just buy another hammock for plush toys and hang it directly beneath the first one using the same technique.

NOTE: Please man, don’t hang the toy hammocks so high your kids can’t reach them. This makes them grab that chair with wheels from your office and then bad things happen. I know I can speak for myself and Beary here when I say we do not want to see these kinds of accidents. Make them reachable and teach your babes to put us away every night before they go to bed.

Install shelves for books, Blu-Rays, and hardlines toys

Get that box of Legos off the ground and that bin of Lincoln Logs out from under the bed (there is so much going on under there, it’s kinda creepy). Organize those books and Blu-Ray movies you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on, and for the love of plush, get that expensive tablet off the bedroom floor! You can easily learn how to install any shelf for your kid’s room by watching this YOUHANGIT tutorial on how to hang shelves.

There. New color, new organization, a place for everything and everything in its place. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s naptime. Have fun!