Why Not to Paint Your Home’s Interior the Color You Can’t Get Enough Of

You're doing it wrong.

You're doing it wrong.

You just love pink. You love it. LOVE IT! But there's a right way to paint a room pink — or any other overwhelming color. For those of you who haven't opened a home decor magazine in the past 25 years, there's this new thing called an "accent wall." It's really changing the game. So, fervent lover of pink, you may paint with pink, but there is a way to do it: with an accent wall.

With the use of an accent wall, you can get away with the craziest colors. Yes, you, even hot pink. But when you paint a whole room hot pink, you're going to make someone violently ill with vertigo — or at the very least make them want to leave before the migraine sets in.


Pick a Wall to Accent

When you enter the room you want to paint, which wall speaks to you? That's the one to make your accent wall. Once you have picked your wall, there are a few other things you need to do. To begin, go pick out your paint from your local hardware store. To do this, don't just rush to a decision like a small child screaming in the store aisle — instead, take the time to review a few other similar colors.

If you have a favorite piece of artwork that will hang on your soon-to-be accent wall, bring it with you to the hardware store so you can look at it in person and make sure the color you're choosing really works to make that piece of art pop off the wall and reach its highest aesthetic potential.

Take Everything Down: Yes, Even Off the Walls You Aren't Accenting

Look, just because you're painting one wall hot pink doesn't mean the rest of the room doesn't deserve a fresh coat of paint. When you've chosen one bright color for your accent wall, you'll do best to pick muted tones and/or variations on creamy whites (don't use stark white, my eyes are bleeding) for your other walls.

Before painting an accent wall or other walls, take all your artwork down. Use wall putty to fill in the holes you've left behind. Organize any surviving screws or hardware for each piece by placing them in small sandwich bags and taping them to the BACK of the frame. This way you won't be running around later screaming, "WHERE IS THE THING FOR THE BACK OF THE THING, BABE?" <-- annoying.

Now you've got it. -Photo courtesy of HGTV-

Now you've got it. -Photo courtesy of HGTV-

After Painting All Walls, Here's What's Next

You, yes you alone, with the help of the YOUHANGIT Designer Kit, are going to hang up all that art, those mirrors, the shelves, candelabras, shadowboxes, and speakers all by your lonesome. You can do it with YOUHANGIT and the YOULEVEL no matter what you're hanging, and if any of your artwork has wire hanger hardware, you can also use one of our 10, 20, 30, 50, or 100 Pounder Sexy Metal Hooks depending on the weight of the item. For added security and balance, you can use two Sexy Metal Hooks — this will give you greater security and keep your art or mirror from becoming unlevel again.

For more on how to hang anything right the first time with YOUHANGIT, you can watch our YouTube "How to Hang" video series, which we've added right into the body of this blog for your convenience (see below).

Another Consideration for the Bright Color Lover

So, we know you really want that pink in there. But kid, it is LOUD. Instead, what you could do is pick out another contrasting color for the accent wall and hang artwork that is pink, pink, pink — check out the photo to the left to see what we mean. In this way, you have a rockin' classy look that still brings your pink to the party and also allows you to accessorize more than maybe you had before.

Let us hear from you! Send us your accent walls and tell us your story by emailing support@yhibliss.com.