And This is Why We Frame and Hang Art Instead of Using Wall Decals

Nope. Frame it instead! [Photo from BuzzFeed]

Nope. Frame it instead! [Photo from BuzzFeed]

In a recent Buzzfeed post, Team YOUHANGIT stumbled across something genius and hilarious: the entire reason why art and things like your favorite quotes should be framed and hung on the wall. When you use wall decals, there they are... always and forever. And sometimes, you might not be in the mood for that ultra-exuberant, bubbly quote about slapping on a smile and pretending to be perfect.

Living a life based on Pinterest quotes from the world's beloved peace leaders and faith healers and historical figures (or just awful quotes with unknown sources that are seriously way too happy) shouldn’t always be on the menu and isn’t realistic. Ergo, having Gandhi’s name in 120-point font on your living room wall might seem like the greatest idea EVER after coming back from yoga. But the morning you arrive home after the walk of shame after enduring a truly disastrous week, you may not want to see:

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Or worse, something less esteemed you thought was brilliant while drinking champagne with friends one evening, like:

Tough Cookies Don’t Crumble!

Quotes are wonderful things, they really are. But to live by quotes alone is to dismiss your own potential legacyquotes of your own, moments of your own, feelings and thoughts you generate rather than those generated for you by the consumer marketplace that wants you to buy 120-point bold Comic Sans decals for your wall.

Frame Your Favorite Quotes and Hang Them on the Wall Instead

One day, you may pass your framed quote that states, “Your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn!” and on that day, you may have lost your dog, or your aunt, or your dad. On this kind of day, you can take down a framed quote that is not in alignment with your current reality; and if you want to put it back up when you feel better, you can. But let’s be honest with one another: if that quote was a massive wall decal rather than a framed print you can easily take down, it makes your personal space an oddity that doesn't match what you're feeling. You can’t always smile — you shouldn’t always be smiling — you’re a human being experiencing a human life, which is filled with both wonderful and scary things. Sometimes, the corners of your mouth are going to need to turn down, and that’s normal.

So, if you simply MUST have something in your home that reads, “All it takes is faith and trust!” (-Peter Pan) make it a throw pillow or a framed piece of artwork you can hang on the wall. Some days are better than others, naturally. Most days you don’t need juggernaut statement to inspire you — the best quotes of all time are those that are special to you for your own personal reasons… and that means that Comic Sans the size of a billboard is not a wise choice.

Use the YOUHANGIT wall hanging system and our hands-free level to help you hang your quotes in a manner that’s respectful of reality. Honor yourself, your truth, and your home by hanging framed quotes that are honest, enlightened, and time-tested rather than those from mass retailers with no author listed.

Now then, let’s all be happy! Unless you feel weird. That’s okay and part of living in this mortal coil. With that said, never leave humor off the table to make you feel better. “Laughter is the best medicine” is a phenomenal and timeless quote — but that doesn’t mean you need a daily reminder in hot pink on your bedroom wall.