How to Hang Art on Slanted Walls: Yes, A-Frame Homes and Attics Can Be Decorated!

Hanging art and photos on slanted walls!

Hanging art and photos on slanted walls!

They told you it couldn't be done. They said not to bother. But after looking at blank, slanted walls week after week, you finally did an Internet search, and here you are — Shangri La! We're the people who tell you that you CAN hang art on a slanted wall AND we'll show you how to do it with YOUHANGIT!

Sure, it's a wee bit harder than hanging on everyday walls, but we still promise, it won't take any more than 10 minutes. So you just went from never to 10 minutes from now — we gotta say, we think you're making serious progress.

Don't leave that space bare! You CAN hang art on sloped walls!

Don't leave that space bare! You CAN hang art on sloped walls!

How to hang art on slanted walls: A-frame homes, attics, and random weird architecture

First, we're going to give you the bad news, which actually only would have been bad news BEFORE you met YOUHANGIT. Ready? So we all hate trying to hang pictures with double keyholes. When you're dealing with a slanted wall, you'll have to hang with four keyholes, AKA quadra-keyhole hanging. There's no crying in home decor! Now settle down, this is gonna be a snap, hand to God!

Picking out art for your slanted walls

There's no denying it: slanted walls are weird to visitors and they usually don't get it. But instead of having a life crisis over having purchased an A-frame or other slanty-wall home, prove them all wrong by decorating with your favorite, vibrant, eye-catching, and aesthetically magical paintings and photographs. When you hang truly remarkable art, your guests will forget the walls they're staring at are slanted.

Now, you will have to take into consideration the height of where you hang something on a slanted wall — this is actually a great place to hang large artwork because it really pops and ties the room together in a way that bare slanted walls can't.

If, on the other hand, you plan on hanging smaller pieces, like photos of the kids, you'll need to hang them lower so people can actually see them instead of watching them do that crazy first-row-in-the-movie-theater neck crank.

Applying the four keyholes, leveling with YOULEVEL, and making perfect marks with YOUHANGIT

Single keyhole fastener package

Single keyhole fastener package

Once you've picked the art and photos you want hanging on the slanted walls of your attic or A-frame home, lay those suckers upside-down (on a surface that won't damage frames, of course). Next, you're going to hop in your ride and head to the hardware store.

There you'll find handy lil' hardware called single keyhole fasteners, usually in packages of two. So, knowing you'll need four for each item you plan to hang, pick the appropriate number of single keyhole fasteners. (Side bar: The Hillman Group makes our favorite ones, because they come with all the jazz you need to affix them to the back of your art or framed photos.)

Once back home, you're going to apply one single keyhole fastener to all four corners of your art or photos. To do this, you'll need a drill, as each of the keyhole fasteners has two holes where you will gently drill in the small screws that come in the package with the single keyhole fasteners.

Next, open your YOUHANGIT Designer Kit and pick out FOUR YOUHANGITs — you will peel off the small sticker cover and adhere one YOUHANGIT directly atop each of the four keyhole fasteners you just drilled in to the back of the item you want to hang on your slanted wall.

Now you're going to place the YOULEVEL front and center on your artwork by sliding it between the art (or photo) and the frame. Next, you're going to remove the little red safety thingies from each YOUHANGIT so the little marking nails can make their perfect marks on the wall.

Once this is done, head over to your nutty slanted wall where you want to hang the item. Once you see the bubble in the YOULEVEL centered in the middle of the blue liquid, SQUISH! Gently pull away from the wall with the art or photo still in hand.

Set your art/photo down and remove the YOUHANGITs from each single keyhole fastener and place them back in the handy YOUHANGIT case (which by the way is eco-friendly and made of the world's most recyclable plastic — you can read more about the MINUS1ONE packaging here if you're having a slow day at the office or whatever.)

When you walk back over to your slanted wall, you'll see the four PERFECT marks! This is where you will use your drill to apply screw anchors and screws in the perfect place. And all you have to do now is hang your art!

What's so great about hanging things this way is that they'll be extremely secure as they hang from FOUR keyhole fasteners, which are known for their reliability. They become a huge hassle when you don't have the right tools — especially a hands-free level and a wall hanging system to make perfect marks with ease so you don't end up drilling holes in the wrong place a dozen times before you get it right.

Enjoy your slanted wall art and make sure you show it off to those who said you had lost your marbles when you bought a cozy, adorable, rustic A-frame house. You're officially a decorating revolutionary!