Focus on Photography: the Work of Robert Przybylski

flower and texture: photo by Robert Przybylski

flower and texture: photo by Robert Przybylski

We never imagined that connecting with artists of all kinds on Twitter and other social platforms would lead us to a small-town photographer with a near-perfect eye for nature, shapes, and what's all around him in Poland and Alderney Island.

Welcome to the abstract, outdoor world of photographer Robert Przybylski. We were instantly charmed with his kindness and sweet tone while connecting — and then we were captivated with his portfolio work, featuring everything from views of cattle and outdoor fauna to still life shots and more.

Not only does Robert's work give us a glimpse into his very niched world, it also illustrates that there is beauty everywhere on Earth.

Robert reveals the deep saturated hues of a flower on a wintry landscape, the moody mug of an Alderney cow in a grassy field, and loads of abstract close-ups of textured surfaces, including brick walls, trees in their natural environment, or peeling paint on a concrete wall.

And while all of that may sound ordinary, the keen eye of this noteworthy photographer make these abstracts truly gorgeous — vibrancy meets a graying facade, vigorous life meets a dreary backdrop, and native fruits are showcased in up-close focus against the overcast ambiance of a Polish forest.

Robert describes himself as a "simple" guy, but this 35-year-old artist deserves the recognition we hope to be giving him here. His images can be found for sale on BigStockPhoto as well as

Why Landscapes, Abstracts, and Seasonal Photography Work for Interior Decor

black cat, Polish winter: photo by Robert Przybylski

black cat, Polish winter: photo by Robert Przybylski

Within Robert's portfolio, you'll find a huge array of styles, color palates, wildlife, and shots from around the barn, the home, in working fields, and more. With this large assortment to choose from, you're sure to find a photograph to hang in your home or office that adds to your overarching interior decor theme.

From homes and workspaces that are rustically designed to those that boast a progressive, ultra-modern theme, there is photography for your walls. The biggest challenge for many is to get away from their usual thinking — get out of the box and review portfolios like Robert's that would not typically be on your radar.

When you do this, not only will the photographic art you hang on your walls be unique (and not something you grabbed from a mass retailer that thousands of other people have in their homes and offices), it will be supporting a "simple" artist trying their hand as an entrepreneur with pictures for sale online.

We hope you'll enjoy Robert Przybylski's portfolio on RedBubble as much as we did, and enjoy hanging pictures of his unique work where you live and play. If you continually find yourself looking for inspiration away from the mainstream channels, gifted photographers like Robert Przybylski ought to be what you look for.

Catch up with Robert on Twitter @Koliber8 — make sure you mention @youhangit in the same tweet so Robert knows you found him at the home of the world's best wall hanging system, YOUHANGIT!

We look forward to seeing what Robert comes up with in 2016, and by following him on Twitter, we're sure to have some updates to his work for you when you follow us, too!