The Designer Kit

The Designer Kit


Welcome to YOUHANGIT's flagship starter kit that slaughters hanging projects. You get 5 Marking Devices, 1 YOULEVEL and an assortment of sexy metal hooks from 10lbs to 100lbs. All this perfectly encased in YHI's cool tool box that started the MINUS1ONE challenge. Imagine packaging that's so easy to open, reusable & recyclable!

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Contents: [5] YOUHANGIT marking tools; [1] hands-free YOULEVEL with 2-pair of rubber bands; [1] 100lb metal hook with [3] heavy duty nails; [1] 50lb, [3] 30lb, [3] 20lb, [4] 10lb metal hooks with [12] medium nails; full color Instructional, detailing wires, keyholes, D-rings, & sawtooths; & the MINUS1ONE tool box that's reusable & refillable!

Color Information

  • Hooks: White
  • Nails: Anodized Black
  • Marking Device: White
  • Youlevel: White