Elf on a Shelf: Not Always on a Shelf, But…

Classic Elf on a Shelf: treat 'em right!

Classic Elf on a Shelf: treat 'em right!

The Elf on a Shelf craze has really hit a fever pitch this year. While these adorable little guys have been around for several years, they seem to be gaining more and more steam with each passing holiday season.

However, the name, “Elf on a Shelf” is a little bit of a misnomer. See, the idea is for these cute fellas to wind up in random places all over the house, in a new location each morning, beginning with the morning after Thanksgiving (or whenever you run out and buy one).

The idea was hatched from the children’s book by Carol Aebersold, which was published in 2005. In less than a decade, these elves have been all over the world, and created a fun new holiday craze that truly delights. What isn’t so delightful, however, is when mom or dad decides to cleverly place their Elf on a Shelf in a not-so-obvious new place, only to find that said place is not as secure as previously imagined.

So, before you pose your Elf on a Shelf on every shelf, speaker, window box, shadowbox, sconce, candelabra, or other wall-hung objects, do a walk-through of the house and make sure any place your elf may wind up is 100 percent secure. Once you’ve done that, game on!

Remember: these elves are on duty, they aren’t here to play games—their job is to observe your behavior and/or misbehavior and report back to the Claus office every day. You don’t want to be reported for not knowing how to hang a mirror properly and wind up with a lawsuit on your hands—Santa’s lawyers are on retainer—a team of total sharks.

If you need to rehang or re-secure something to the wall because it is loose, or wasn’t well hung to begin with, grab a YOUHANGIT Designer kit and you’ll have everything in your house as secure to the wall as humanly possible within mere moments.

Because the YOUHANGIT wall hanging system includes the YOULEVEL, you will be able to position and mark in one shot, even if it’s for items hanging with double keyhole hardware, double D-ring hardware, or large, heavy paintings or mirrors that require more than one hook. For these items we recommend two Sexy Metal Hooks—in this way, items with wire hanger backings will maintain their level position on the wall—secure enough for as many elves as you like!

Shelf Elf Steve, arrested in Scottsdale, AZ

Shelf Elf Steve, arrested in Scottsdale, AZ

Shelf Elves take their work very seriously most of the time, though some misfit elves have been reported. So far this year seems to be the worst in terms of criminal activity as you can see from this Scottsdale area home, in which Shelf Elf Steve was arrested (Steve later posted bail and is currently in treatment.)

We at YOUHANGIT ask only two things of you to keep your family safe this holiday season:

1) Always go through an agency—unvetted elves without references should not be used

2) Make sure your Elf on a Shelf has a secure place to hang, dangle, dance, draw, and live in peace so he may do his job well

A well-hung shelf is the mark of a family that cares about their elf, and you’re sure to receive high marks for that alone where it counts: North Pole HQ!