Hanging Food Storage Dispensers: Organize Your Pantry, Prepare for Armageddon

DIY can dispenser. Click to see how it's done!

DIY can dispenser. Click to see how it's done!

So there are all these shows and blogs and websites about how to prepare for the end of days. While we do agree always being prepared is better than… never being prepared, there’s something far more dangerous than Armageddon that could be upon you: disorganized food.

That’s right. If you have a large family and keep a lot of food on hand, you’ve probably experienced your fair share of apocalyptic food gross-outs. That forgotten loaf of bread behind the soup cans, the über-expired canned snow peas sitting in front of the brand new pho noodles (seriously, how does that happen?) and the worst of all: the “WHAT IS THAT SMELL?” —this question, when answered, is usually horrifying enough to have you ordering out for a good few weeks.

Whether you plan on hanging a food organizer because you have five kids or because you truly believe that hardcore civil unrest, a police state, zombies, and aliens are all mere hours away, one thing is certain: you will want to hang your storage containers straight. Nobody wants to be warding off evil spirits with a wooden stake in one hand while propping the reserves in the wall-mounted can dispenser with the other hand… while standing on a chair… with a flashlight between your teeth.

Zevro  Dry-Food Dispenser. Click here to buy!

Zevro Dry-Food Dispenser. Click here to buy!

The cool thing about making your own pantry storage is that with a DIY project like this, you can make it as big or as small as you want.

The image above is from The Owner Builder Network, and you can check out exactly how to make this DIY storage unit by clicking directly on the image itself. This particular style is ideal for storing canned goods, and uses gravity to get the goods to you in chronological order.

So let’s say you have filled one of the columns with veggie medley soup. Every time you find yourself running low and buy more, load from the top, and that way, expiration dates will be in order.

Of course, if going the DIY route isn’t your cup of alien invasion tea, you can still outfit your pantry or bunker with premade wall mountable food storage containers. These are especially handy if you do a lot of pastas, cereals, granola, or just like to have three gallons of Skittles on hand at any given time.

The open bulk containers are an awesome way to save space and keep your dry goods organized—and when you buy the right brand, everything should stay nicely sealed and fresh for extended periods as well. These create great storage for flour, sugar, dry beans and legumes, and anything else that needs to stay sealed and dry—they do a much better job than that fancy way you scrunch the paper bag closed and wedge it onto the pantry shelf. Guess what’s behind it? Correct—the source of “THAT SMELL!”

When you’re hanging food storage containers, and especially the units made to hold a lot of heavy dry, bulk goods, make sure you use screw anchors—the wall really needs to hug that sucker to be apocalypse proof. Pop the YOULEVEL on top of the unit and you’ll be hands-free to level as you position and make the marks for your wall mounting hardware.