New Stainless Steel Fridge, No More Magical Magnetic Powers: How To Keep The Meltdowns at Bay

You went from this to this. Here's how to avoid epic tantrums in the kitchen!

You went from this to this. Here's how to avoid epic tantrums in the kitchen!

You finally got that amazing 24 cubic foot bad boy you’ve been dreaming of: LED lighting, shelf space for days, a crisper that makes you squeal with joy, and an ice machine and water purifier that actually works.

Aaaaaand that gorgeous stainless steel front… that is not magnetic. Without this magnetic facade, there can be no more crayon masterpieces, no more shining report cards, and no more giant, crazy magnets that really made that old clunker YOUR family fridge.

As you prepare to install the new fridge, Junior walks into the kitchen and notices you are taking down all the finger paintings, all the construction paper robots and dinosaurs, and exclaims, “I can’t wait to put those on the new fridge mom and dad!” Aye… and then you have to say something like, “Well buddy, this fridge is not magnetic, so your pictures won’t stick on it.”

The next part of this conversation is not unlike any other grieving process, because it involves bargaining with death—a litany of alternatives come bellowing out of your progeny: “We could use scotch tape!” and “We could stick it with paste!” or “We could use my silly puddy!”

No, no we cannot, my sweet darlings, because mommy and daddy just forked over a couple grand for this puppy, and there will be no sticking of anything except for food into this refrigerator. YOUHANGIT’s advice?

Hang a bulletin board up in the kitchen at a low hanging height so Junior can place paintings and pictures there. You can even hang a magnetic dry erase board instead, or find a bulletin board-dry erase board hybrid so the kiddos have the option to hang or draw right on that sucker.

IF you hang a kid’s activity board in the kitchen the night before the new appliance shows up, you’ll have the chance to explain what’s happening, and make it an exciting transition rather than an historic tragedy.

So, you’re getting the best of both worlds: the rad new fridge that keeps your non-GMO tomatoes fresh, the sweet French doors and enough room for the Macy’s Day Parade turkey to fit with ease, AND a sweet place for your munchkins to show off their adorable handiwork.

Just as a gentle reminder, if you have toddlers or babies, steer clear of thumbtacks—in this scenario the dry erase board with plenty of fun magnets is probably your best bet.

Good luck, be prepared ahead of time to avoid the meltdowns, and hang a magnetic board for your kids before the new stainless steel refrigerator arrives. And above all, enjoy keeping your fresh kale while also enjoying the view of your tiny Picasso’s works of art!