Sound Bar For Christmas: But Santa Didn’t Stick Around to Install It For You—Now What?

Funny thing about electronics Christmas gifts: we love to receive them and we are very grateful to the person who has given them to us, but then comes the installation. With tablets, there’s the adding of your email or Gmail account before the thing will even function, removing all those totally gimmicky apps (are we still playing racecar games? Don’t answer that.) When it comes to mounting a sound bar to the wall, being careful is paramount to all else because this is an expensive piece of technology that rocks—and its ability to rock properly is directly proportional to how well you have positioned and hung your sound bar.

As we were researching some of the ways people and companies online instruct people on how to hang a sound bar, we got a little bummed. Site after site suggested a multitude of tools, all manner of lengthy directions with line items that require two people, and even downloadable e-books you’d have to pay for just to get the instructions on how to hang a new soundbar on the wall. Let’s just be clear: all of this is completely bananas.

Now, we want to make it clear that we are in no way understating how important it is that you be extremely careful, and that you use the hardware that came with your sound bar or what is recommended depending on the type of sound bar it is. With that said, you do not need to go get a four-year degree in construction or an electrician certification to make this happen.

As with anything else in life, not all sound bars are created equal—some are better than others, some have better double keyholes to hang with, and some really do make your job a lot harder than it needs to be with their instructions inserts. And that’s why using YOUHANGIT to position and level in one shot will make you feel like you got a double Christmas (nearly as good as a double rainbow in the desert, that’s a blog topic for another site.)

kitteh seyz buy the Sounder Kit!

kitteh seyz buy the Sounder Kit!

By simply applying the YOUHANGIT “sticky thingies” over the hardware on the back of your sound bar, you’re halfway there already. You will do this by:

·      Removing the peel and sticking the YOUHANGIT over (most likely) the double keyholes

·      Removing the red plastic arrow-shaped thingies

·      Setting the YOULEVEL handsfree level on top of the sound bar

·      Get that sound bar up close to the wall, and when you see the bubble inside the blue liquid of the YOULEVEL in the center, SQUISH!

·      Pull the sound bar away from the wall, and bam, you have perfectly level holes for you to install your screw anchors and screws, and let the games (perhaps literally) begin… or the movie of your choice with the most insane sound effects.

Let’s not argue about this, the correct answer is “Natural Born Killers.” Your answer is wrong. But we still hope you enjoy your sound bar, whether it’s to get better sound on Monday Night Football, Star Trek episodes, that one crazy yoga meditation music channel (what is that, like channel 3089?) or to watch YouTube videos of adorable kittehs on your smart TV.