YOUHANGIT and Your New Puppy! Know What To Hang—And Where

Babies together forever!

Babies together forever!

Oh sweet, precious Christmas puppy, you complete me. You also destroy my soul when you eat my Prada slip-ons and the cat sort of wishes death upon you for getting into the fancy festival wet food.

Your sweet puppy breath makes up for almost all of it, even stepping in cold pee at 3 a.m. But here’s the bottom line lil’ cubby: we both have a lot to learn. And YOUHANGIT is gonna show us the ropes.

Get a wall hanging dog food dispenser

There’s like at least a hundred great reasons to do this, but we’ll stick to the top three:

1. It keeps food from going stale in the open bag

2. It keeps food off the ground where rodents and other pests are likelier to smell it

3. It keeps kibble out of sweet puppies’ reach—if it isn’t out of their reach, they will eat it—ALL of it.

You can get dog food dispensers in a variety of sizes. This is great news because you won’t need a 55 gallon drum if you have a baby Chihuahua, and likewise, if you have a pack of hunting hounds and rescue pit bulls and you regularly foster random dogs, you don’t want to have to hang like a thousand teacup poodle sized canisters.

Dog food dispensers should be hung high enough that dogs and critters can’t reach them, but not so high that you slip a disc trying to load the food into the canister.

The best dispensers will have a lever or other simple mechanism that allows the food to come out, and will also come with a measuring cup that matches the dispenser and attaches to its side in some fashion.

BIG BIN from Kane:  Click here  to purchase!

BIG BIN from Kane: Click here to purchase!

We’re big fans of the Big and Lil Bin dog food dispensers from Kane for a couple of reasons. To begin, they’re rugged, so you can wall mount them in the garage or carport and they can handle the weather.

And of course, our YOUHANGIT favorite: they come with their own wall mounting hardware, including the screw sleeves you’ll need to make sure they stay securely in place when you dump 40 pounds of kibble into them for the first or millionth time. Available in 20-pound and 40-pound sizes, Kane’s got you covered.

Add the YOUHANGIT wall mounting system complete with our groundbreaking hands free level and you’ve got yourself the most well balanced food bins in the hood.

Have a place to hang your leashes every day, consistently

Dogs live for you, and getting to know you means learning your patterns and routines as their alpha. If you have five dogs and a hundred leashes socked away all over the house, you’re literally sending the “we’re going somewhere” message in every room of your house.

Every time your new pup sees you grab that leash, s/he will become conditioned to respond. For every household it’s different, but it definitely means walk, car ride, doctor visit, treats, training time, or all of the above.

So, hang all your leashes and any other “hangable” dog stuff like extra collars and training leads, etc. in one place—and don’t grab anything unless and until you mean it.

Project Blue Collar's MuttButt leash hanger:  click here to buy & donate !

Project Blue Collar's MuttButt leash hanger: click here to buy & donate!

We love Project Blue Collar. You can buy leashes, collars, and yes, even wall mountable hooks for leashes from them, and a portion of the proceeds goes to “Support the Underdog,” a campaign to help shelter animals find their forever homes, foster care in the meantime, and the supplies and support to make it all happen.

So you can get some of the goodies you need for your new puppy while simultaneously helping save other dogs’ lives: win-win baby!

Above all, remember to make your dog feel at home. Yes, s/he needs a bed. Yes, s/he will need to sleep inside when it’s freezing cold or scorching hot.

Regardless of the breed, look at a dog as a minimum 10-15 year commitment. If you don’t have the stones for it, don’t adopt until you do. And perhaps the most important piece of advice of all time: adopting a dog is a WHOLE FAMILY DECISION! Surprise puppies are adorable, but often unwanted after the novelty wears off. No surprises—bring in all the adults and all the kiddos under your roof to make the choice together—it could likely save the life of a dog, one way or another.

And finally, congratulations to all the new pup owners out there! Enjoy your fur babies and remember, spay and neuter, don’t judge by breed, and teach your kids and everyone around your new family member to shower lil’ cubby with love. And no treats until after dinner, you adorable light-bulb-eating ball of furry joy!