How to Keep Shelves From Falling Down: Performance Art by YOUHANGIT

If you’re starting to feel like everything around you is falling down, it may not be your meds. It could be your poorly hung shelves. Most of us spend time looking at the design, size, and color of shelves, and rarely consider how they will get up on the wall. It isn’t until we get home that we ask the question, “Wait, how do you hang a shelf again?”

Not unlike many other things no one understands, like how timeshares work or how anyone could crochet a scarf that long and think it was practical, the art of hanging a shelf the right way the first time is a mystery to mankind whose answer was all but lost. Until now…

Most shelves that mount directly to the wall have two keyholes on the back. Note to reader: if you’re planning on hanging lead bricks, gold bars, RPGs, or weapons-grade plutonium, wall shelving probably isn’t for you. Wall shelving with two keyhole hardware and backing is generally considered more a part of decor and for items that weigh less than 1990s Marlon Brando.

Nonetheless, it should be noted that when you use the YOUHANGIT system, the hardware that came with your mirror, or our recommended source for hardware, Tap N Lock, will have much more staying power—the design for our entry point-making device will ensure that screws or any other hardware will have unyielding cojones and perfect alignment. So go ahead, toss that Merriam Webster Unabridged Third Edition up there, cowgirl.

Wait, hold the phone. Before you start throwing heavy literary tomes around the room, let’s get that shelf on the wall. Watch this video, then we’ll reconvene below to talk, just you and I, over some yerba mate about your sweet new shelf….

See? Now don’t you feel silly trying to hang a shelf correctly without the help of YOUHANGIT? No offense to dudes, but a monkey could do what the guy in that video did, am I right? High Five! (Self-Fives are now totally acceptable in most metropolitan areas.)

You’re ready for action. Up go the books, DVDs and Blu-rays; Fried Green Tomatoes, Steel Magnolias, An Affair To Remember, The Sound of Music, and of course, the entire Sex & The City Box Set. And if you’re a real woman, the DVR containing every season of Six Feet Under, Boardwalk Empire, and The Sopranos should fit neatly up there too. We don’t need to discuss your shameless collection of piano recitals on VHS—those should stay in your safe.