Thank Heaven for Little Girls—Their Hair Accessories, Not So Much...

Hang up girly goodies easily—and in a way that matches your decor.

Hang up girly goodies easily—and in a way that matches your decor.

Ever tried to hang a tired old boot off of a nail you thought was there after too many glasses of Merlot? Welcome to the world of trying to find a place to hang little girls' hair accessories—it's exactly the same thing—UNTIL you have found the holy grail of places to hang hair bows, bands, and more. You may even wind up designing a more adult version for yourself, your wife, or your dog, for those of you who engage in quadruped styling.

That's why we LOVE this framed solution for flying hair ties and scrunchy tornadoes from the smartypants with style over at Farm House Pretty on Etsy. By simply taking an old, rustic looking frame, filling the artwork area with chicken wire, and adding a reliable piece of ribbon to the top, you now have a pretty lil' place to hang everything. What's more, you can teach your tiny diva how and where to put her hair things away once she's done putting ALL of them in her hair on a Tuesday afternoon, because she will, and here's a great first chance to teach kids about being responsible for their own things. So, seize the moment, and make sure your Curly Sue can reach the frame.

So, a couple of things here. First, we want to recommend that if you do plan to hang your ribbon-hung-ribbon hanger where the littles can reach it, please do not rely only on the ribbon (like the one displayed in the image above) to hang this item from. You can easily find frames at the thrift store, garage or estate sales that will offer you all the same size and style you like while also offering an alternate form of hanging a frame on a wall. Ideally would be double keyhole hangers, because you wouldn't be able to see them through the chicken wire, but a wire hanger will work, as will D-ring hardware for hanging art frames or even sawtooth backings.

Make sure that you spend the time to use proper screws and wall anchors so this wall hung hair clip holder can withstand not just the weight of hair bands, bows, ties, and pins, but also the weight of hands moving across it and hands pulling things away from it and out of the chicken wire.

When doing this as a DIY wall project, you can add color to the frame, and even spray paint the chicken wire to make it match any existing decor for your bathroom, the kids' room, wherever you plan to hang it. And naturally, don't be a silly do-it-yourselfer: make sure you level with our handsfree YOULEVEL before you smoosh your YOUHANGITs to make marks wherever the double keyholes, D-rings, sawtooths, or wire hanger will go.

PRO TIP: If you wind up using a wire hanger for this project, use two Sexy Metal Hooks rather than one so this baby keeps from getting crooked anytime the wind blows... and by wind we mean roughhousing children recklessly tearing through haircare supplies. Hey, crazier things have happened!