Super Eclectic Look, Super Easy Decor Idea: Large Art for the Office or House

white canvas + black light = magic

white canvas + black light = magic

Whether you've been perusing prints online or checking out large canvas prints around town, you've probably noticed that for the most part, they are either extremely pricey, extremely common prints that you've seen everywhere else, or both. So how do you avoid hanging large wall art in your home or office without it looking desperate and without spending a fortune?

One way we found was sitting on the DIY Home Hacks website, and we just fell in love with it immediately because of how easy it is to do, how inexpensive it is, and how beautifully it turns out in any space, commercial or residential.

By simply buying a large white canvas, you have the beginnings of your budget-friendly art project. Check out CanvasLot: we just love these guys because you can order ANY size canvas you want and the price is definitely right for what you get: fully professionally stretched canvas, stapled edged, and prepared with wire hangers at no additional charge. Come on now, how cool is that!

Next, you're going to grab some decals—you'll want to pick something that represents your persona or that of your family (or that goes with the theme of your small business if that's where you plan on hanging your canvas.) You can find decals of all kinds just by searching online, but we especially like because of their enormous inventory that includes everything from shapes (like the flowers you see here) to animals (sweet and totally detailed octopus was a staff favorite!) and even quotes, which make for great mood-setters and icebreakers if you choose to go with words rather than shapes.

Once you have applied your decals to the plain white canvas, you're going to paint over the decals, ensuring that you get really good coverage—going for two to three coats is not a bad idea—BUT, you have to make sure the paint is still at least a little wet when you go to SLOWLY remove the decals. In this way, everything BUT the place where the decals were will be painted stark white, and therefore will glow beautifully under black light, as illustrated in the picture.

Because this is such a huge canvas, the last thing you want is for it to be hung crooked. So, if you ordered your canvas from CanvasLot like we toldja to, you can follow the instructions in the video below, which shows you how to use the handsfree YOULEVEL as well as TWO Sexy Metal Hooks instead of one. Using two hooks will help hold the weight of large art pieces in place, and you will never have to worry about it getting knocked off the wall or out of place again.