Why You Need More Photos Hanging on Your Wall: Your Kids Think Images of Them Only Exist on Your Phone

Here at Team YOUHANGIT, we’re always looking for ways to encourage people to hang more of everything on their walls — we’ve written blogs about how to hang shelves, speakers, candelabras, and even cool DIY projects to do with your kids. But what about pictures OF your kids? Images of Meemaw and Pawpaw, pictures of Uncle Tony on that crazy fishing trip he took in 1979, framed images of your wedding day, and a black and white picture of Great Grandpa Joe in uniform hang on the walls, decorate mantels, or sit atop a hutch of memories. To your kids, it’s like looking at that one picture from “Back to the Future,” where young Marty McFly disappears from view right before Doc is able to get him back to 1985.

That’s why we absolutely LOVE the new YouTube video released by Canon, titled, “Never Again”: Daughter. Before you read on, check out these 31 seconds that perfectly encapsulate how a kid can feel when there aren’t any pictures of them on the wall:

It’s time to print out some pictures, whether that means going to a proper camera store with your jump drive of images, heading to a website that can print out your Instagram pics, or using your own high quality printer at home with matte or glossy photo paper to create beautiful, wall-worthy photographs of your kids.

It’s interesting and worth noting that we can be so proud of our babies that everything from their first steps to their high school graduation make up about 80 percent of our Facebook posts or Instagram snapshots. It’s not that we don’t love them; in fact, we’re the most camera-happy generation ever to exist on the planet. But these images (along with our heartfelt post commentary) are only visible when we turn our phones, tablets, or computers over to our kids, which most of us don’t do because let’s face it, most kids today have their own tablets by the time they are three years old.

So, to keep your son or daughter from engaging in their first act of vandalism like the adorable little girl in the Canon video, let them know pictures of them are important enough to hang on the wall, right next to Meemaw and Pawpaw. Or, for even better results, let them choose for themselves where your newly framed photos will go. Or, for an extra special surprise, use the YOUHANGIT wall hanging system to hang all the newly printed photos of your kids while they’re at school or at a friend’s house. When you use the YOULEVEL and YOUHANGIT system, you position, level, and mark in one shot, which makes getting all those new framed photos up on the wall a fun task that won’t take you more than a few minutes at most.

We’re so proud of you babies! And now we have the pictures to prove it. Oula!