Hang More Towel Racks: How and Why You Need More and How to Match Towel Bars to Existing Home Decor

Pipe towel rack: buy from  Industrial Home Bazaar on Etsy  or click image for DIY instructions

Pipe towel rack: buy from Industrial Home Bazaar on Etsy or click image for DIY instructions

It’s that time of year where you begin to notice more and more towels all over the floor, balled up in corners, filling up the laundry basket after one use (WHY… WHY MUST THEY TORTURE ME THIS WAY?!)

Unfortunately, because of the weather, it’s also the perfect time of year for said towels to start to stink faster than they do during fall and winter months — all that added heat and humidity makes for a nasty display.

If your mother-in-law comes over while so many such towels are spiked across the place like punji sticks in a war-torn Vietnam, don’t even let her in. Tell her you found Bigfoot and you’re doing your best to get a great shot for Instagram before the authorities show up. It’s that bad. Or… you could hang more towel bars! YAY!


Why you need more towel bars

It isn’t you that’s a bad housekeeper, it’s the fact that we could almost swear to all that is right in this world that when you’re dealing with a family or a living situation that is more than two people deep, things like towels, socks, shoes, underpants, pocket change, and crumbs seems to become sentient things, fully self-aware, and able to migrate from one bad place to worse without any assistance from a human being (or puppy). See, what you may not know about towel racks and bars is that they’re like shock collars for towels — once they’re hung up there, they can’t get down unless you let them.

The average bathroom has between one and two towel racks. Then there’s that thing that boys do of hurling towels in crumpled wads over the top of the shower curtain, where they don’t dry and they also make it hard for people to believe you when you say you really don’t live with spider monkeys and silverback gorillas.

When you install a towel rack in your bathroom, it doesn’t take up tons of space or stick way out of the wall, so essentially, you can add towel bars to your bathroom to your heart’s content. Why not have four towel racks in your bathroom, hunh, why not? What’s the worst that will happen — you’ll actually have more room to hang towels than you have towels? Splendid!

And when you use YOUHANGIT to position, level, and hang your towel racks, it’s easier than picking up a towel off the floor — we swear!

Towel racks from Ikea save space and can be hung behind doors and fanned out so towels dry fast.

Towel racks from Ikea save space and can be hung behind doors and fanned out so towels dry fast.


Why it’s totally fine to hang towel racks anywhere you want

It may not look “normal” to anyone who walks into your children’s rooms to see a towel rack hanging by their collection of guitar magazines and plastic ponies (don’t even ask about this crossover period in a child’s life, it’s just too insane).

But who cares how it looks? It means there is a place to hang towels in your kid’s bedroom — and that’s an incentive to hang the towel rather than clump it into a stank ball in the corner or under the bed.

You can find cool towel racks that even match your kid’s decor, making it even more likely they’ll use it. Just check out this DIY industrial towel rack (click here to buy from Industrial Home Bazaar) — what teenage rocker wouldn't want that rad addition to their room?

What’s more, you can totally hang towel racks that match home decor in any room or other space you want — it’s a great way to subtly invite people to hang their towels up, please. In fact, if you love getting into DIY hanging projects, you can even make a fun, sassy sign to hang above towel racks — something like, “Don’t leave your towel on the floor unless you want us to show you the door” — okay, we’re just spitballing here, it can be a little less… hostile than that.

If you have a pool or live by the beach, why shouldn’t you have towel racks in your guest bedroom, on the kitchen wall, the laundry room walls, or by the interior or exterior doorway that leads to the yard or beach? Installing towel racks outside might be the best idea in the world — it certainly beats checking yourself in to a psych ward just to get away from gross towels for the weekend.

Make a towel rack with repurposed wood ladder to match other decor

Make a towel rack with repurposed wood ladder to match other decor


Towel rack ideas for those of you with large families or tons of roommates

We love the idea of repurposing an old wooden ladder into a towel rack. With all those rungs, you’ll have a bar for every person living in the house plus their guests, and more.

If you apply this idea to all your bathrooms or even spaces like the master bedroom, you’ll probably notice less and less towels being thrown across the house. If you want to secure the ladder to the wall to make sure it doesn’t fall down, simply use the YOUHANGIT wall hanging system to position and the YOULEVEL to level your ladder once you’ve applied some keyhole hardware to the back (you can ask someone at your local hardware store how to do this, it’s pretty simple when you have the right hardware in the right size, so no guesstimating).

You’ll want to use longer than average screws with screw anchors as you don’t want the ladder laying completely flush against the wall — if you hang it that way, no one will be able to squeeze their towels through the rungs.

Ensure your installation is secure by giving it a test run with several towels yourself before telling the rest of the people you live with about your innovative, stylish new addition to the bathroom.